The Emerging Challenges in Cancer Care

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Leverage digital tools to improve cancer care

During a session at the recent Advisory Board Oncology Roundtable meeting, Stuart Clark, Managing Director, shared three emerging challenges for cancer care providers: value-based care, clinical innovations, and patient experience. Those likely don’t come as a surprise, but there were some interesting insights provided during the talk, including that the most under appreciated challenge is the rising expectations of patients. … Read More

The value of investing in remote symptom monitoring for your cancer patients

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A recent article from Advisory Board confirms what we’ve been advocating at Navigating Cancer for a while now: remote symptom monitoring is essential for improved patient outcomes. Symptom and side effect management can help reduce costs, improve quality of life, and help patients live longer. Advisory Board cites a recent study from France that supports this idea. The study looked at … Read More

Give your patient engagement efforts a boost

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A central requirement of many value-based programs is patient engagement and cancer care providers have invested significant time and money into engagement efforts. Yet it continues to be a real challenge. Portals are generally underutilized, office visits are short and medical information is complicated. That’s why Navigating Cancer is taking its Patient Relationship Management platform to the next level. Instead … Read More

Closing the loop for symptom management

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In the transition to value-based care, symptom management for cancer patients has emerged as a key factor in not only delivering high quality care, but also preventing unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations. Triage nurses using Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management platform are able to provide thorough, consistent symptom management over the phone to patients as soon as they need help. … Read More

Leverage Symptom Management and Triage Pathways to Improve Care and Reduce Costs

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At the recent ACCC 45th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit, there was a lot of focus on the challenges so many cancer care providers face, like the complexities of the Oncology Care Model, new applications for artificial intelligence, how to leverage technology to impact care and more. In one session, Mah-Jabeen Soobader of Archway Health presented a study … Read More

Catching up with Minnesota Oncology

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Minnesota Oncology, a member of The US Oncology Network, has been participating in pay for performance programs over the past five years and are in the process of becoming certified as an oncology medical home. This large, innovative practice wanted to ensure they were ready for the future of cancer care and recognized that a technology-based solution would be necessary … Read More

Learn About What’s New with Navigating Cancer During AMCCBS

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We are looking forward to ACCC 45th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit in Washington D.C. next week! Find us during the conference in booth 207. Here are a couple of other great opportunities to learn about the value and impact of Patient Relationship Management: On Thursday, March 21 at 4:25pm Archway Health will be presenting a “Case Study: Reducing Cancer Costs … Read More

McKesson Corporation announces collaboration with Navigating Cancer

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We are excited to announce a new development at Navigating Cancer. McKesson Corporation announced today a collaboration with Navigating Cancer to offer an enhanced Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform, with a focus on our care management and triage pathways tools. This announcement and collaboration provide opportunity for increased reach of our solutions and enhanced ability to deliver additional innovations our … Read More

Upcoming 2019 Conferences and Events

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Learn About What’s New with Navigating Cancer Over the next several months we will be rolling out exciting new features and functionality for our Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution – if you will be at any of these upcoming events, schedule a time to meet up: ACCC 45th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit, Washington D.C., March 20-22, 2019 … Read More